J. Frank Schairer Trail Center & Cabin

  1. J. Frank Schairer Trail Center & Cabin

    The Schairer Trail Center is situated on a ridge with spectacular views of the Rocky Mount to the west and Bush Mountain to the east.  A deck with several picnic tables extends along the west side of the building, providing views of the valley and distant mountains. The large main room has a stone fireplace; it is heated by the wood-burning stove.  An outdoor privy used.  Access to the Center is from the Eaton Hollow Overlook on Skyline Drive; therefore visitors should be alert to Skyline Drive conditions and be prepared to pay the Park entrance fee.

    PACT Map 11

    Accommodations: There are two dormitory bunk rooms which accommodate 12 guest.

    Distances: 120 miles from DC

    Location:West of Eaton Hollow Overlock, SNP, South District on Skyline Drive between milepost 70 and 71.

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